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anyone make a wind generator ??

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    anyone make a wind generator ??

    I know this is an older post but in case someone is looking. I did find someone is building there own and they write a book about it. The book is titled Home Brew Wind Power. Their web site is If you even think about building one get the book!!!


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      My wife has a sort of relative who built a device looks like a 22 foot diameter mirrored satellite dish. It follows the sun as it travels across the sky. It collects heat with a special oil developed in the space program. He uses a heat exchanger to heat thousands of gallons of water to near boiling. A simple circulator pumps it to radiators as needed. He stores enough heat to heat his house for two weeks without the sun shining.

      Its shortcoming is that it is mounted on his roof, the framing of roof and solar collector sustain damage each big storm.
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        Heating up your shop or supplementing the heat in your house during the day

        Hear is a method of helping heat your home or shop and you can tell your wife that you have to buy the supplies and drink the contents (beer) in order to heat the house up and save money.

        Cansolair hyperlink:

        Some information on the payback of cansolair

        Cottage Life information

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          To generate your own electricity from wind get the book Homebrew wind power. The web site is


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            You keep resurrecting years old threads...
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