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oxt/acet hose reel

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  • oxt/acet hose reel

    does anyone have plans for oxy/acet hose reel for welding rig

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    If you build one make the inside dia. large, so you will make less turn to wind up the hose.
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      Originally posted by cdw View Post
      does anyone have plans for oxy/acet hose reel for welding rig
      Do you see the word "Search" near the top of the page?
      There have been a few different posts on the subject so I'm sure you should find something to get you started.
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        Cable reels


        I don't have plans, but here are some photos of some cable reels. possibly you can build yours from the photos. Since these are cable reels, you'll notice one is insulated from the stand.


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          i bought a hand crank air hose reel, put quick dis-connects on the ends, left about 10 foot attached to the bottles, then roll out what i need, connect and go..... unhook and roll it up.... simple and effective

          nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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            I made one from a fire hose reel. I have a short length of hose to connect the reel to the tanks.

            It's not the roll out while connected type, but it cost next to nothing & works quite well.

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