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    But I still hate a thief.


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      One thing I learned a long time ago is that no matter how much you think you will never need them or tired of using them..... never, ever, ever sell off your tools. I've sold off bikes, electronics, even my house once when things got lean, but I have every tool I've ever bought, found, gifted to, passed down to, you name it. They are worth so much more than their market value in the long run. There's tools at my place that are twice my age and still going strong. That's why I hate theives, but there's a special burn that comes from someone stealing tools. It's someone's livelyhood and bread on the table. But, if it's legit and a good deal, then I'll be the first in line with cash and a flatbed trailer.

      Just a side thought...

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        Canada, I feel I may have overreacted. I apologize for accusing you of receiving stolen property. I jumped to a conclusion without enough information. Where I live we have a very bad problem with meth heads stealing anything they can get their hands on. Just the other day my job took me to a large recycling yard. I saw two men pull up with half an aluminum light pole on top of a Toyota Corolla, the yard gave them the money no questions asked. After all the metal I have had stolen that really made me mad. Cops don’t seem to care. Regardless, I was wrong to attack your post. Glad you got some good equipment for a good price.


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          There's no ground straps on any of the power mains around here - all the wire has been stolen...

          Heard that from the lineman who did my line drop and relocation on the house when I moved the main panel. Pretty sad.
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            pthunberg, dont worry about it, i understand. Yeah i live in apache juntion Arizona. its the meth capital of the U.S. alot of theft, and as you said no questions asked.