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    Originally posted by NoogaD View Post
    If you are in ND, then you are in a good spot for welding. That area's oilfield is supposed to ramp up even more in the next couple of years. However, you are going to need some credentials. Some guy doing gates and sculpture in his garage aint gonna cut it (no, offense, that's the kind of welding I do.) Especially after the Gulf disaster, but even before you'd need to be able to pass X-ray, cold work, hot work, confined spaces, etc. And being mobile is the way to go there, unless the rig is in your backyard that is.
    Yes I would eventually like to get my own truck set up. I have never had anything submitted for a bend, x-ray, or ultrasound tests. But its not like I just woke up and decided to weld one day. I do have my welding degree I took a 9 month course. I also welded for a company for 3 years in Fargo before I moved back here.


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      You might want to try building some truck accessories (tailgates, headache racks, grille guards, etc.), BBQ cookers, gates (I make mine out of 2 3/8" tubing and they are **** for stout). Just a few ideas, hope this helps.

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        Thank you everyone