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Will this work for fume extraction?

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  • Will this work for fume extraction?


    I'm already over my budget with an Invertig 201 watercooled, Mig 200 and a Micro Cut 625. I take my heath serious but just don't have the cash for a full on extraction unit. I'm in a 1 car garage so it will fill up fast. My plan is to line the last 2 feet with foil tape and affix near/over my table and have the fan at my garage door, door barely opened. In the summer a simple fan near by with door open might work but its too cold in the winter. So will this work or will it make too much turbulence? All suggestions are welcomed

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    Should work good for smoke and fume extraction. Have used similar setups (small squirrel cage blower with 4 inch dia. hose) for sucking smoke out of tight areas for years.

    We use hose very similar on HEPA units in the nukes to grab welding fumes and when grinding contaminated metal to control spread of airborne contamination, along with full-face respirators or cassi suits and versa hoods.

    Just don't send a steady stream of sparks into the intake end and you should be fine. Also might give some thought to a metal duct to exhaust outside instead of cracking a door, will save on precious heat in the winter!
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      speed control .............

      whats the square footage of the shop?
      what I would do is wire a speed control into the power supply cord. you know? like a dimmer switch for a light. Same thing. then you can control the fan speed. I would also put a baffle in the ventilation to prevent backdrafts. make some sort of hood for the intake side to go over your work. mabey a simple reducing tin ventilation piece that is large then goes down to your required 8". when wiring a speed control (dimmer switch) read the instructions carefully because some are wired in series and some are wired in parallel. hope this helps ...............................
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