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    I have done a bunch of pipe fence 2" sch40 gas pipe. I build a jig that fits in my hydraulic press, as well as an arbor adaptor and I just cut it square and squash the pipe about 2" back from the cut until it is about 1 1/8" thick. I clamp a c-clamp on the post (4" pipe) sideways to catch one end, tack the other, tack the first then weld all round in a single pass with 1/8" 6010. It looks good, is uniform and is easier than a fish mouth. The horses have not said one bad word to me about not doing the fishmouths either


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      All those ideas sound great and all but i'd just man up and get familiar with that torch of yours. I may just be a little girl from Texas but i've gotten awfully handy at it myself. Just takes practice which you seem to be in store for quite a bit of!! Trim the ears or your saddle a 'lil lower and don't have sharp edges like that one fella said. Try a smaller tip too and don't get too far ahead of yourself 'til you develope your own technique!!
      GOOD LUCK!!!!


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        Make a jig from two sections of pipe that clamp around the pipe you need to cut. Use the jig to guide the gas or plasma cutter and you can crank the fishmouth cuts out easily. Pre cut the pipes to length and then you only need to light the torch once as you make the cuts assembly line style.
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          After your pipes are in the ground, and cut to the correct height, go to your LWS and pick up a One Step Pipe Templet Kit.

          Inside you will find heavy cardboard templates that you wrap around the upright posts, chalk out the outline, and trim with a torch. Gives you a nice, clean saddle on fit.

          After a while, you will not even need to use the template, but it sure helps at the beginning.

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            Check out this website. It give you a template to use to cope pipe.

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              If you have (access to) a lathe, this is great.


              I just saw this the other day and I'm definately going to set myself up for this
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                The chopsaw method works great with a portaband also.


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                  You are building a fence, not the space shuttle. Learn to cut the saddles with a torch, with or without a pattern. By the end of the first acre you will be cutting saddles in no time and thinking what was so hard about this.

                  Remember, your fit-up does not have to be perfect. Yes, the better the fit-up, the easier the welding. But 100% perfection is not critical on the saddles.



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                    A company called Heck Industries makes a manual pipe notcher it costs about 500.00 and will do 1.2 & 2 inch pipe. use alot instead of our abrasive belt notcher made by Linder Industries unfortunatly belts cost 30.00 each and use only for sloped rails.


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                      The cheapest and easiest method is to get one of those Harbor Freight drill attachments and buy the appropriate size hole saw. The hole saw will cut a relatively clean notch and it will fit good enough. I use this method to make chain link fence panels and gates for kennels using 1 3/8 top rail.
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                        Originally posted by jweller View Post
                        If you have (access to) a lathe, this is great.


                        I just saw this the other day and I'm definately going to set myself up for this
                        Sweet! let me now how the FENCE built out of 4130 turns out
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                          I bet it would turn out better than a china homie depot sch 40 one...

                          The lathe notching I've seen done used an end mill chucked in the lathe rather than a hole saw. I've never tried either method on my lathe.

                          I only do hole saws on pipe when the radius is important and the wall thickness makes for a difficult bevel with the cutoff wheel (small diameter AL heavy wall tube to a large diameter tube radius and being tigged). Otherwise, it's so much faster to just knock the corners out of the tube and get to welding. Like has been said, once you do a half dozen or so, it becomes second nature.
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                            I have built pipe and sucker rod fence part time for years and as people have aint no one day affair. I bought a couple of collars from the welding supply. one is for 2 7/8 pipe and one is for 2 3/8 pipe. one end is round so you can close it around the pipe and cut it off square and the other end has saddles on each side so you can mark out the saddle you need for the top rail. once you mark the saddle its easy to see where you are suppose to cut. drill stem is often rusty and has had some substance in it that causes the torch to pop and slag to run. i usually piont my torch down inside the pipe for a few seconds before cutting to try and burn off some of the stuff inside. good luck..
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                              Pipe Fencing

                              Welding Supply Stores Sell Lay Out Jig For Different Size Pipe And Also For 90 45 Degrees Check It Out Small Tip Would Help Also Aim The Tip Away From The Piece You Are Using The Slag Will Stick To Drop


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                                Hello Bushman!

                                I cannot STRESS enough that you must try the chop saw method that Fusion King suggested before attempting anything else! It works slick!!! even though I thought I used a different angle, but I'm sure his right, because it's been a few years since my project where I utilized this method. For some reason I thought I used 35 degree's (????), but regardless, you'll fine tune the angle that works the best, especially with the wall thickness of your drill pipe. but trust me, if this method doesn't work for you, I'll come over help ya with your project & that should speak volumes! PM me if you're confused on what we're talking about. Good luck to you! Handirod