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DIY Step Stool Plans?

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  • DIY Step Stool Plans?

    I'm needing some aluminum welding practice, and I thought that making
    a step stool would be a "nice to have around the shop" project.

    Yeah, I know that I could just buy one.... but i've got many pieces of
    3/8" thick plate, and at least one TIG welder around here.

    Does anyone have an example of one, which they made, that they'd be
    willing to share?

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    I'm making a set of stairs out of 1.25" aluminum radiused corner square tube. I'll post some pics when I get it started.
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      I always try to avoid stepping on any stools!
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        I don't mind being waist deep, i just don't like it when they make me stand on my head!
        Sometimes there's no second chances.


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          Flip a milk crate upside down then copy it.
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            step stool

            Make the base larger than the top for safety, won't tip when you reach too far


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              How about making a box that's 1x1.5x2 ? Maybe cut hand hold ovals in the center of the sides.

              Stand it on whatever side for the required height.

              We had a few boxes made like this out of plywood in a shop I used to work at.

              Do you think Aluminum would slip on the grit on the floor?


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                You could do a Google search for "step stool plans". You will find many wooden step stools of all kinds to build. All you will have to do is translate the plans into thinner aluminum stock. The proportions and part shapes will remain the same.
                Here's a link to a simple one /

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