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Falcon 20 copilot and welder needed Now.

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  • Falcon 20 copilot and welder needed Now.

    I would like to hire a Falcon 20 copilot that is also a good TIG welder. We are based in the OKC area. Email if you are interested.

    Robert Ragozzino

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    wish I had a pilot licence. checked into it when I was younger but was way too expensive. wish I could afford to go to school. good luck with the hunt. 32 years old and I've never been in a plane. Only once, in a 747 as an infant. mabey thats why I have a crazy fascination with flying. latley I've been checking out whats availible on the market for kit planes. Its hard to get near flying in a small town. when I was younger I tryed to get a job doing anything just to get near flying. loading bush planes, cleaning , **** I would of even polished the wheels for crying out loud. with no success I then checked into student loans, schools etc. The prices were unbelievable. not to mention living expenses etc. you could make a fortune up here in B.C. flying little bush planes around. I'll be one of those guys that waits untill he's 60 to get his licence, untill then I'm stuck with my flight simulator lol. mabey one day I'll have the money and room to build one. I've been doing alot of research on manufacturing proccesses for fuselages, fuselage frames, engine mounts etc. for the past couple years. hope you find someone qualified through this post .................................................. .....
    Syncro250DX Tigrunner
    Victor set
    Elite auto-helmet
    Dewalt Bench grinder
    Mastercraft miter saw
    Mac air tools
    Mac hand tools
    toilet paper