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Small alum repair.

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  • Small alum repair.

    Usually when i get alum jobs they are the ones everyone else in town passes up. This shop called me and said you will like this job. No problem for me. Its a screen door frame for a travel trailer. The round channel pulled out where the hinge was. So i cut some 3/8" alum bar and counterbored a bushing hole in one end. Then i modified some hardware store bushings on my lathe. Then beat the new tube/bar stock into the channel and tacked it with my spoolgun. The frame is only like 1/16" thick so i had to watch it didn't burn away. Tacks will hold it as its in the channel and really can't go anyplace...Bob
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    Bob Wright

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    Hey Bob,
    Nice fix. You know, I love those "pass-it-on" jobs other shops won't take or figure it's not worth the aggravation..... usually good $$$. Besides, it generally results in some super references for future work. I'll take them anytime.

    Your fix & method worked well & it is another reason I try to persuade weldors to get a small lathe & mill for those "just-in-case" repairs that may pop in. There is good $$$ to be had for the xtra effort to machine an odd or discontinued part. Always worked for me....

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      A mill, a lathe and a couple of welders and you can rebuild the country. Throw in a couple of weldors and you can rebuild the world!
      Sometimes there's no second chances.


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        Yup gotta have a lathe for sure. I have 5 of them and i am sure thats not enough I had a small job last week where a guy had a trans from a boneyard and the kid wacked off the shifter tube. So he wants me to cut off a good tube off a bad trans and weld it on. I just bored a small tube and welded it on his new trans. Took about 6 minutes and i was off to lunch at Mickey d's with 30 bucks in my pocket...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          I often tell my wife, after doing some odd household repair: "I don't know how a house can be complete without a machine shop in the basement"

          After 8 years....she understands. Now she wants welding lessons! I'm a lucky guy

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            If she learns to weld she may not need you any longer. Have you ever thought of that?
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