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Any tips for horizontal cert?

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  • Any tips for horizontal cert?

    Im practicing for certification on horizontal plate with mig. Im using a Miller CP-302. Last time I tried it my instructor said the root was exactly what I needed but my face wouldnt have passed. My 4th and 5th bead were too small and i couldnt get it filled in with my last. Any tips?

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    All the pipe guys and cetified types tend to hang on the motorsports side.
    Not trying to compare or whatever just noticing that you wasn't getting answers to questions here that get answered there about every day.
    It's gotten to be 2 distinctly different groups. I see a bunch of people never cross over.
    Sure is going to be interesting when we merge.
    Sorta funny when you consider the fact that we are only ONE click away from each other once you have joined both groups and set you computer to log on automatically. I click back and forth several times every evening.
    Get them mixed up a bunch.
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      Give this a try.

      To get a better deposition with each pass, try using a slight upwards saw motion (^^^^^^^^^^^) as you travel across the joint. Concentrate most of your time at the upper limit of your bead, and wash down quickly to tie in to the previous bead. This will allow you to control the height and thickness of the deposit, without the bead "sagging out" on you.

      Hope it helps.


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        By the way Im running 17.5 volts, wire speed on 3. 0.035" wire.

        I bent the one I did yesterday. Root passed face failed...