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12" by 6"x48" Sander need info

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    Sander Table

    Originally posted by Pass-N-Gas View Post
    On my 9x12 Dayton brand

    The disc table is 6 x 10, the belt side is 6x10 they both have a dovetail slot in them for the miter gauge and they both tilt.. Like previously posted make it whatever your needs require..
    Found a sander today I measured the table 14 3/4" by 7 9/16" I will make it 8" by 15" Thanks for all the help guys Vernon


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      Originally posted by Mikel_24 View Post
      Bob nailed. Make it as big as you want.

      What is that machined slot for? securing grinding jigs? I have seen some setups like that for knifemaking. The jigs are used to keep angles even and such things.

      What do you plan on doing with that grinder? Such a wide belt is definitely not for knifemaking!

      Usually the milled slot is used to accommodate a miter gauge such as you would find or use on a table saw. Basically for making accurate angles.
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