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A newbie introduction and an artsy welded project

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  • A newbie introduction and an artsy welded project

    Hi folks!
    This is Billy.
    I run Slab-Fab-Studio here in Asheville (Weaverville),NC.
    I make welded steel and cast concrete furniture.
    I don't really consider myself a welder... I can weld metal together, but I know there is a lot more to it. I'm enjoying fabricating some cool stuff. I am also enjoying perusing this forum. Lots to see, lots to know, lots to learn.
    Thanks to everyone who posts here for the great input!
    Looking forward to further perusal of the Miller welding forums!

    I am running a Millermatic 135 to do my welding right now.
    I have auction bids on a Millermatic 210 and a Spectrum 375 plasma cutter due to pan out or not this Monday.
    If you are interested... check out my site
    For my wackier welded found art site check out

    Sorry if I'm coming off as too self promotional... I'm truly just excited about making stuff...

    Anywhoooo... here's a project, a art bar console shelf that I brewed up.. 24"x14"x36"H
    3/16th" plate steel (Briwaxed finish), 1/2" and 3/8" bent and ground round bar (clear lacquer finished)

    Have a great 3 day weekend!
    Billy (1Killerbee)

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    Millermatic 211 MIG
    Miller Spectrum 375 Plasma Cutter
    Milwaukee 6190-20 Dry Cut Saw
    Jet HVBS-56M Band Saw
    Jet 708595 Bench Top Belt/Disc Sander (Fab Steel and Concrete Furniture Site) (Found Object/Sculpture Site)

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    Nice Work! I own a concrete countertop business in Michigan. I am just getting into some furniture to! I made a cool bench a few weeks ago! I also make steel sculptures. Keep up the good work. It is work like that that will bring concrete and steel into the future! It is hard for people to take the idea of concrete from the driveway to in the house till they see how beautiful it really can be!

    You can check out my website at
    Miller Syncrowave 200
    Miller Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter
    Miller Milermatic 135
    Ridgid Drill Press
    Ridgid Chop Saw
    36" Metal Break
    Harris Toarches
    English Wheel
    Ingersoll Rand, 18.1 cfm Compressor
    30 gal. Sand Blaster
    Planishing Hammer
    150lb Anvil
    10" Swing Logan Lathe