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    A couple of hours ago (well 3 hrs ago) I was sitting in front of my computer, and bored with that, I decided to see what I could brew up in a couple of hours. Don't know why I decided on a belt buckle, but this is the end result in the photo.
    I started with a piece of .062 stainless from my scrap bin that I rough ground to shape on my belt grinder and then cupped to shape, before I tigged my name (yeah I know) on the front with the border also tigged with 309L. I then went over the border with my tig and a higher heat setting to give it the distressed appearance that I desired. I then touched it up on my belt grinder to high-light the edges. The handgun casting on the buckle is a pin that I soldered in place. The back has the normal hardware silver soldered in place to mount the buckle on my favorite belt.
    So, thats how I passed the evening!

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    Man, that's nice. I can't get ANYTHING done in one evening.