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Aluminum cooler rack and fishing rod rack help

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  • Aluminum cooler rack and fishing rod rack help

    I want to fab a couple of those hitch mounted aluminum cooler/fishing rod racks. I have a 30A spoolgun. Any suggestions for the size/thickness of the tubing that is commonly used for these rigs? Approx. settings for the Millermatic 250/30A spoolgun would be helpful to this amateur. Thanks
    Dr Gas

    Millermate 250, Dynasty 200DX, 30A Spoolgun,oxy-acetylene, Pak-Master 38XL Plasma, Forgemaster forge, HF 110 anvil, Peddinghaus 275 anvil,

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    I thought about making one of those.
    In lieu of a pipe bender I guess I would use some one inch square tube probably in the 1/8th inch thickness area, except the receiver part that goes into your hitch, that I would go 3/16 2 inch rounded square tube. Only an opinion, have fun
    If I was to use my bender, then round tube in same configuration.