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  • How many passes

    Looking for input 1/2" thk 14" elbow to 1/2" thk 14" pipe ASME code root GTAW cover flux or pulse how many passes.

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    Keep it alive..

    This is out of my ball-park and hopefully some of the other seniors here will catch your thread and be of more assistance. Hopefully this post will keep your thread alive enough to get an answer for you?

    Good luck,

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      I was gonna say anywhere between one and a hundred, depending on the size of the welder.
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        I also know nothing about this.


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          how many passes?

          cover flux or pulse?what are you trying to say?If your closing a pressure pipe at 14" diameter you start with your root pass, when done inspect inside with flashlight and mirror if you can.Once root pass has been inspected and found to be sound(proper fusion to parent metal and penetration then you put in a fill pass, followed by a second fill pass at a higher amperage to bind it to the first, then its a judgement call ,whether you need more fill or if its time for a hot cap, but do not try to fill too much at one time or you will run into trouble and possibly burn through.hope that helps and for future try to be more specific with the question thanks and good luck


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            14'' pipe 1/2 inch thick

            sounds like a high pressure pipe to me. If it's a critical weld that has to be 100% right (high pressure steam or water). sounds like it really should be xrayed to make sure the welds are good with no inclusions. or at least dye tested. Your questions tell me you might want to reconsider being the one welding the pipe. the answer is, however many passes it takes to make the weld flush with the pipe or a little above flush. according to the welding specifications. of course the pipe is bevelled to a 37 and 1/2 degree angle and ground clean with a 1/8 inch landing.
            happy welding.


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              Thanks to all

              To answer some of the comments I was just looking for thoughts on welds passes. I should have given more information on the joint and root pass. But I have welders here that put 6-9 passes everytime when I beleive that 3-4 should do it but maybe its not as cut and dry.

              Thanks Rose21


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                number of passes

                It really isn't cut and dry. There will be discrepancies anytime welding is done by hand and it's ok most of the time. Some of the information we need is what is the material type, how thick is it, what is the joint configuaration (depth of prep, included angle) as well as information on the filler material. Are you using 7018 to fill or is it all wire feed work? then we need to know diameters and settings on the machines. A couple of things to keep in mind are: if the weld puddle is to big then you run a risk of lack of fusion, for a stick weld I have tested up to 7 times the rod diameter with some success, for wire feed I have gone up to 9 times the diameter with success, these are things you would need to determine on your own with a WPS and PQR. Also remember that smaller beads and more of them typically will result in a tougher weld, or a weld that is more resistant to cracking. So load up on the information and let's see what we can get done.


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                  This may sound stupid but I bet that you will come a whole lot closer to getting answered by more people on the Motorspoerts side. There are a bunch of pipe welders on there.

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                    Post your question on the AWS website. Most of those guys are pipeliners . .
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