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  • Welding Cart Build

    Hey guys, thought i'd post some pics of my cart i finally got around to doing!
    I built it from a rough idea i had in my head. I also did it fairly quickly in view of selling my welder with the cart since i have ideas of getting another welder from the same guy i got mine from originally.
    Anyway, i used 1.5"square tubing and some sheet metal. Nothing fancy, but it should do the job! I may add a section for tools, etc!
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    More pics

    More pics of cart
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      Last pic of cart!!!
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        Sorry, you guys prolly aren't interested at something like this but now i've started, i might as well finish.
        Here is the last pics.
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          I'm jealous of your shop/work space. I work in a shanty.......
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            Nice work.


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              Originally posted by nocheepgas View Post
              I'm jealous of your shop/work space. I work in a shanty.......
              i was distracted by all that space too. not having space is more depressing than not having tools.


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                Well to be honest with you, it isn't my space. I should have mentioned something in the first post... was going to but forgot. It is a brand new building my dads friend just built. They actually do drywall contract work, and are starting a new business which does pre fabricated bulkheads, walls, etc! The prefab business is where i was building the cart! Not mine unfortunately! Very kind of him to let me use it though! It has a 5 ton crane, and many other tools for fab work... plus the MM252 in the background.
                I'll be there one day! Hopefully


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                  The cart looks like it will serve you well. It sure beats the heck out of having to bend down to even look at the front of the machine. You will like it better having everything up on your new cart. And I am sure most everyone here will agree, with every day you age, every day you don't have to get down on the floor is appreciated.

                  Nice work Sammy.

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