The return of the 5.0

This project came about due to a couple of buddies of mine. Joe is in the Army and was deployed in the middle east last year. Shaun is big into supporting our troops, and while Joe was away he sent him a pretty sweet care package.

Shaun is also a Ford guy through and through, and as soon as it was possible to order a '11 'Stang, he put his paperwork in. As a token of thanks for the care package, Joe commissioned me to do a sculpture of the Mustang for Shaun.

I was helping another friend, Matt, do a photo shoot of the car in Detroit, so we all met down there and Joe gave Shaun the sculpture. It was pretty cool, Shaun was definitely stoked!

You can go here to check out the pics from that shoot, Matt does some ridiculous work, and the car is SICK:

And here is the sculpture, more pics are here as well