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Quick and low buck rotisserie, sort of

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  • Quick and low buck rotisserie, sort of

    I changed 4 HF roller top material handling stands a while back to a angle iron stock so I could put a sheet of plywood on the top of them and have a work table/surface.
    The rollers were under a bench, catching dust along with a first generation B&D work mate stand. After trying to move the hot water tank by myself to get a better position to cut, and at a better height.
    It hit me like, dropping the tank on my foot.

    I took the rollers and placed them on the top of the Work mate surface.
    2 rollers inside the back and 2 others on the outside of the front. It has some adjustability for width/dia of the item being supported. The hot water tank was 18"dia, the pipe is 4"dia and the rim is for a 15" tire.

    These are the HF roller stands Item # 95621 these are the ones with the steel rollers and the base of the roller has a 90' mounting flange with a hole. Makes it easy to adjust the height under the roller base to get the screw in the center of the wood ply top.

    They do have the rollers loose at half the cost of the stands, The stands are currently on sale. They are also the same stands that a lot of places sell both on line and in the stores.
    glen, If your not on the edge, your wasting space