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  • Welder

    I sold my Miller Bobcat 250 NT machine tonight mainly because I just don't use it much. I purchased a year ago with 73 hours for $1500.00 and sold it tonight with 94 hours for $2500.00 . I have a Miller 135 but would like to have machine that will weld 175 -200 amps. Does flux core wire weld as good as stick at the same amperage for strength and ductile qualities? So if I have a flux core machine welding at 175 amps will it perform the same as a stick welder at 175 amps? I never welded above 150 with my Miller Bobcat so I was thinking about getting a Miller 180.


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    You pocketed a $1000 for putting 21 hours on your welder doing personal projects and need our help. Sounds like you already have your scam figured out. Just kidding, nice salesmanship. Back to your question. I haven't ran fluxcore in 5 years or so but I remember it being kinda close. But you're trying to compare apples to oranges. On is a constant current process and the other is a variable current, or constant voltage, process.


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      May I recommend a multi-process machine?
      XMT-300 with S-64 wire feeder.
      Lincoln HI-FREQ modified to run XMT.
      Esab PCM-875 plasma cutter.
      Miller Spoolmatic-1
      Miller PC-300 pulser
      Miller Optima pulser


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        Thanks for the reply guys..... I did make out ok on the sale of the machine...

        And multi process would be nice for sure...


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          I pretty much refuse to buy a machine that isn't multiprocess except for the itty bitty migs, but I got them for very specific things.

          I can't answer your questions on sticks vs fluxcore except to say I use sticks for heavy duty repairs such as broken trailer frames (semi type) but won't use the fluxcore for that. I use fluxcore for putting sidewalls on trailers, repairing rolloff cans, everything I can use it on I do, except heavy equipment repairs. I'm pretty fast with both and the wire cuts about 1/3 of the time involved. It also works a lot better when you don't have perfect fit (as in gaps) especially on the lighter stuff. I would definitely recommend a constant voltage setup for running it. It will run VV and CC. I have used all 3 and prefer the CV.
          Lincoln: Eagle 10,000, Weld-Pak HD, Weld-Pak 155, AC-225, LN-25 wirefeeder
          Miller: Syncrowave 250DX Tigrunner
          Westinghouse: 400+ amp AC
          ThermalArc Handy wirefeeder
          1 Harris, 3 Victor O/A rigs
          Arcair gouger
          Too many other power toys to list.

          Do it right, do it once. And in all things ya get what ya pay for.


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            I was thinking maybe getting the Passport and selling my Miller 130. That way if I have to weld up to 180 amps I have a welder than can do so but still have a portable light weight welder. Thanks for the input guys...