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Heavy Duty Truck Flatbed to Trailer Conversion

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  • Heavy Duty Truck Flatbed to Trailer Conversion

    Here is one of many welding projects I have on my plate. We purchased a used 2000 Peterbilt 330 Truck with a River City Body Co. 24' x 96" Flatbed on the truck. The truck will be reworked to go under our Smeal 8TSR Pump Service Rig. My dad has a trailer we have been threatening to rebuild for years now, made entirely out of 1/4" wall tubing; 2x2, 2x4, 3x6 to name some of the material being salvaged from it.

    Here are the details of the Flatbed construction direct from the manufacturer:

    Heavy Duty Flatbed
    5" x 3/16" Formed Channel Outer Rail
    4" x 3/16" Formed Channel Crossmembers
    12" On Center Crossmembers
    3/16" Exterior Stake Pockets
    3/8" x 2" Rub Rails
    C6" x 8.2 Industrial Channel Longsills
    1 1/8" AHeavy Duty Flatbedpitong Hardwood Floor
    FMVSS Federal Lighting

    Here is the plan:
    Number and Remove the decking in sequence. Salvage the U Bolts used to tie the bed to the truck frame. Install a track made from angle iron and tubing as a pipe slide channel on each side. Rip the appropriate boards in the deck to reinstall back into original positions.
    Using the metal salvaged from the other trailer, construct a frame to run under the Longsill of the flatbed and construct suspension frame for the axles, suspension and tires we have.
    Construct a Tongue for the 48x18x18 Box that came with the bed and install a good Bulldog Heavy Drop Leg Jack. Finish off the tongue pull with an Attwood 25K Flatface 2 5/16" Hitch.

    I will provide pictures of this build, in sequence, as the work begins and progresses. Beleive it or not, TX Dot will require us to provide pictures of the reconstruction along with the Flatbed Serial Number and ID Tags from the axles and hitches to calculate the carring capacity and GVWR and then prove that the trailer was constructed from legally obtained parts and materials, i.e. no stolen parts.

    Stay tuned, maybe this rebuild might help me win a future Miller Giveaway.

    Charlie Johnson
    '77 Miller Bluestar 2E on current service truck
    '99 Miller Bobcat 225NT for New Service Truck
    '85 Millermatic 200 in Shop

    '72 Marquete 295 AC cracker box in Shop
    '07 Hypertherm Powermax 1000 G3 Plasma Cutter in Shop
    Miller Elite and Digital Elite Hoods

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    is i was reading my first thought was what the dot laws were in TX. but you seem to have your s*it together and i can't wait to see some pictures.
    I've been wanting to make a trailer out of a ramp truck. but I'll never get to it.
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      I'de be safe and use new U bolts.
      Keep us posted.


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        I'm looking forward to this thread. I'm in the middle of a similar project of my own to make a trailer out of a 22 ft truck box. What GVWR are the trailer to have? Any estimates on dry weight?