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    Guys, I'm gonna split for a while. Internet is just costing me too much money here. Several bucks an hour adds up fast even when all I do is look for threads where I might learn something or have some input.

    So, please feel free to E-mail me at mcallister 702 @ daltron . com . pg, without the spaces. You can E-mail questions from here, conversations about the Bible, or just a general "hang in there" every once in a while. I always reply to my E-mail, and it's much faster to download and upload E-mails, so it doesn't cost nearly as much. Be warned that my Outlook is programmed to reject large E-mails, so just send text please, no pictures without first asking.

    It's just not in my nature to only check the boards less often. Once I'm involved in the conversations, I want to keep up. So it's best for me to just split for a while and get over it quickly. I'll check back in when I hit the US or some other place with reasonable Internet.

    I won't be back to read this thread either. Take care, and play nicely.

    So in leaving, remember my few rules:
    Never buy a truck with a small block engine.
    Watch out for overhead powerlines.
    Do not set yourself on fire.

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    Well 4 Pete's sakes!?

    Just a minute here. Don't you have a flat monthly internet account? Are you paying by the hour/minute? I hope you can find a low monthly connection that will ride easy on your wallet. Hate to see you go! Rat farts! But if you have to, good luck and hope to see you back soon!

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      I won't be back to read this thread either.

      Then i won't leave a reply
      Take care and we will see you on the flipside...Bob
      Bob Wright