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    Originally posted by tacmig View Post
    The Bot kind of speaks for itself, real nice! I was more interested in your hydraulics's (knowledge). Now please PLEASE bare in mind I know little if nothing about them but am interested in learning because I have a project (personal) that I'm going to undertake some day that will require custom hydraulics. I have studied schematics on their structure and operation and could probably fake one if I had to. But my problem is that I have never been able to understand how to develop a rating i.e 5 ton, 10 ton etc. Or perhaps to better put it, how would one go about building a 5, 10 or 15 ton jack? Is there a formula such as: cylindar lenght, width, piston design etc. Or is it based mainly on psi?

    Been wondering, any thoughts?

    Here is a site with info that might be a start on understanding hydraulic system design...