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Started my project with paint....

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  • Started my project with paint....

    All I can afford for now.
    Hopefully I can pick-up a TB airpack when I really get some scrill.

    '81 SA 200

    outside is done. Almost.

    Need faceplate, and some additional gauges.

    Next up is hoses, plugs, wires, and a couple new gaskets.
    Fabricate some lead holders, bottle holders, toolbox on front,

    Painted it with rustoleum hammer tone black paint.

    I'll update as I make progress.
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    I love seeing restored SA 200's!
    Lincoln tombstone AC/DC
    Hitachi Chop saw
    Victor HEAVY Duty Torch set (propane)
    ATLAS Model 618 Steel lathe Traded for a RED face SA 200
    Hitachi Grinders
    Lot of hand tool and hammers
    150LB Anvil+ a forge
    Lincoln SA 200x4
    MillerMatic 212 auto set


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      That looks awesome and brings back some fond memories.
      Synchrowave 180SD
      Millermatic 252
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      Other random stuff.