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Legend Aead 200 Le Problems

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  • Legend Aead 200 Le Problems

    i have one of these machines and have had it for a while now. just recently it has become incredibly hard to start. i have to remove the air filter and hold my hand over the intake of the carb and let it pick up prime manually. the chake works, but for some reason, it has a hard time picking up fuel. i have put larger fuel lines, and a new filter on it. the pump diaphragm looks to be fine with no holes or anything like that. anyone have another idea to check?

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    Hey W1,
    how many carbs on this thing? how often do you use it? is the fuel fresh?
    did it sit for a long while with fuel in it? if its got a carb i take it that its gasoline and not a diesel.

    off the top of my head without being there, i'd be inclined to remove the carb, check to see that its not clogged somewhere and that the float level is set porperly. If the float valve is damaged that could be a problem.
    if one of the passages is clogged it might run, but not very well. doubel check the diaphram, what looks to be good might not be and perhaps the device running the diaphram might be toast..

    I'll trade ya, Ive got the carbs off of my boat on the bench right now.. and they are REALLY messed up... ever seen gasoline jelly and a aluminum oxide? its a whole barrel of monkey fun...

    got a picture? any other info?

    I read in another post somewhere that your machine has 6000 plus hours on it. If so its most likely time to take that carb of and check to see if the jets are fouled up or the float needle is worn.
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    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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      Not a welder, but...

      Our chainsaw gives us the same problems, won't start well, won't idle, and bogs when you go to give it the gas. Problem originally started after it sat for a while with unconditioned gas, which plugged up the fuel lines, and I suspect the accelerator pump. (Or equivalent in a chainsaw) We had it rebuilt but then it sat for a long while (Fool me once...) and it wouldn't run again. Finally got up and running, and use it more often now, but if it has been sitting, it can be a real b*tch to work with. It will get better with time (and a few shots of injector cleaner) and after a tank of gas it is almost running like new.

      The point of my lenghty (again:) explanation, give the fuel system a good check over. Good luck!
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        it has no problems with idle or running full throttle, as a matter of fact she runs really dang good. i use it at the very least twice a week. i pulled the carb and cleaned it out and gave a good going over. i didnt check to see how well it was delivering spark, checked it, and not good. ordered parts from onan. maybe this will fix it, but still doesnt explain why it "loses its prime". maybe i need to put a check valve in the fuel line, like i did on my truck.

        nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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          I don't know what kind of notor is on it. Some times the diaphagm looks OK but is stretched, a new shouldn't cost much.
          Just a thought.