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    I used to get blasted in the face a lot while arc gouging. If you're not careful, its likely to com back at you, bounce off a wall (or whatever) behind you, then enter through the back of your helmet. What most guys to do prevent this is take a piece of leather or green welding coat and tape it on top of your helmet so it covers the back / side of your head down to your neck. A lot of guys also hang the same thing off the front of their hood to prevent their neck fromk getting burnt.


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      sparks in hood

      i use a special hood for confined spaces when i need to get my head in tight spaces, its just a leather bag with the flip shield sewn onto it, and it doesnt allow anything in, youll always get a small chance of some spark or flash or stray metal into your shield (ive had safety glasses on under my shield and been hit in the back of the head by some idiot grinding and he hit me in the center of the back of the head and the sparks ran around my head into the shield and bounced off the nose piece of my safety glasses right into both of my eyes.Irony waas the doctors at the hospital cleaning my eyes out are telling me i should be wearing safety glasses whick i was under my welding lid, unfortunately nothing is 100% foolproof


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        well thats ironic huh i can see where theres more danger of someone behind you causing a injury than the work in front of you


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          I just read your profile and it says you're 24.

          That explains alot...........

          I don't want to discourage you, or tell ya something you might repeat at the wrong time,
          --- and probably get yourself in a lot of trouble with the little Mrs.,,,,,
          Granted,, you're wise to be concerned about taking proper safety precautions,

          If you're 24, and your wife is fairly close to that age:
          I just have to tell ya---
          If you listen to women that young, and dwell on all thier worries & concerns--
          that they get from watching Oprah, and Judge Judy---

          Buddy, they'll have you so paraniod about all the dangers of walking off a curb in city traffic-
          much less going to work,
          you'll feel compelled to go hide under the bed for the rest of your life,,,,,,
          just to make them shut up for a few minutes, and ease thier fears about your safety.


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            Originally posted by man of steel View Post
            Irony waas the doctors at the hospital cleaning my eyes out are telling me i should be wearing safety glasses whick i was under my welding lid, unfortunately nothing is 100% foolproof

            Dont you just love it, both times I went, one for a burn on my thumb area, you should have been wearing gloves, then my eye injury, you should be wearing safety glasses. Next time Im going to tell the Dr to go watch a welder and see how sparks and slag fly and land in the most unpredictable places no matter how much safety equipment you wear.

            What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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              well its like my buddy at work he was tig welding i think ac tig and some jackass came up behind him and shook him while he was welding well somehow the tungsten went right into his thumb through the glove, but he kept welding and took care of it once the job was done i guess the good thing is it didnt bleed.


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                If it had been me I might not have bled but the A** hole that done the shaking would have.


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                  i can understand that


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                    sparks in eyes

                    hey migman69 I watched all the post on this and I agree to some and not to others, you have to remember that your welding and cutting and every other thing that goes with the job and it's to bad that when your welding your hoods down and you hope you can trust the other guys in your work area not to be screwing around or doing something else such as grinding or plasma cutting and it's all going down your neck(SUCKS BIG TIME) I have seen guys wear a hooded sweatshirt under their hoods or like the other guys say take a piece of cloth and tape it to your hood for the time being. Heck I still get crap in my eyes still and most of the time it's just becuase of my self in a rush to get done and don't put my hood down,so the best info I could give tell you is look at your work area and who is doing what then you make the adjustments to that. I had burnt my eyes really bad just from tacking up parts to the point they had to tape them shut for three days and yes my wife went nuts and was saying you should know better then that how long have you been doing this I hope you learned your lesson from this not to menching being off work.
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                      thanks for the input i appreciate it yeah things get hectic sometimes and with your hood down you have limited visiabilty to your surroundings


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                        Sounds to me like he might have been talking about flash. I used to go home with burned eyes about 3 to 4 times a month. Spent a lot of money on hoods thinking they were leaking. Turns out it was from the glare coming off the other guys welding. My dad gave me a pair of safety glasses that were UV coated. It stopped the burned eyes. I started wearing glasses a few years later and have had IR and UV coating put on every pair. I haven't burned my eyes in over 25 years now. Something else that helps is magnetic tape strips inside the hood. You wouldn't believe how much stuff it catches. I get it at walmart in the crafts section.
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                          magnetic tape huh what exactly does it do catch stray meatal particals or what?


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                            Originally posted by migman69 View Post
                            magnetic tape huh what exactly does it do catch stray meatal particals or what?
                            thats what im guessing he meant by it...sounds really smart if it works...


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                              sparks in eyes

                              I will forwarn you - when it comes to safety - I don't suffer fools. If there is someone on a production line that has molten metal flying inside thier hood - call your union rep, that is why you are paying them outragous dues. If that doesn't work call OSHA.



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                                thats good so then your compnay can fire you fro making a bug stink of it.