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  • sparks in eyes

    I know a guy who is a welder and i wanted to ask a question? H said he was having problems with the sparks getting into his hood and making him go blind has anyone encounterd this and if so how did the fix it?

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    Tell him to try and close the hood before he begins welding.


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      Nowthats funny

      Originally posted by Bowhunterman View Post
      Tell him to try and close the hood before he begins welding.
      Is he welding overhead? Ive neaver had this problem can you go into some more detail


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        I get the occasional spark down my hood. For the most part I just reposition if it keeps hapening. What position is his head relitive to the work peice?


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          oh fellas i dont know its my wifes friends husband ive never watched him weld. but he works for cat. my wife told me stuff was getting into his eyes making him go blind, and he had to quit welding. i just wondered what the liklihood of your eyes getting hurt or going blind is when your wearing a hood.


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            I work at Cat, too. Depending on which line he's on and what parts he's making, I can see how he might get an OCCASIONAL spark come up from under the hood. Tell him to go to the safety store in the plant and get a neck cover (or just tilt his head down!)
            Unless his plant is doing something different from us, he shouldn't have that much trouble.


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              If he can't hold his head out of the way, he might check into a different hood that fits closer to his head, and comes back farther than than the one he's got.

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                thanks guys

                my wife is worried bout this happening to me since im getting into the welding field. personally i have a jackson hood and lens with a built in hard hat and it seem it would be difficult for anything to get into the hood. and to keep my neck from getting burnt i figured id just get a nomex flash hood like firefighters wear.


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                  Ask him if he's ever heard of these things called safety glasses!
                  Jeeze, this is about the dumbest thing I've seen in a while....sounds
                  like a troll.
                  Dave P.


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                    hey give me a break im askin a serious question because i wanted to know how to prevent this from happening to me


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                      Chances are your wife has lost a little in the translation because unless she is a welder she has the terminology a bit off. Probably means flashes not in welding flash burn.
                      Why don't you just ask him for yourself.
                      If you are already a weldor, good enuff to get hired by Cat then you prolly already know enuff to stop from having any sort of serious problem.

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                        Originally posted by FM117 View Post
                        Ask him if he's ever heard of these things called safety glasses!
                        Jeeze, this is about the dumbest thing I've seen in a while....sounds
                        like a troll.
                        Dave P.
                        Stick around then, you'll see a lot worse. Safety glasses help but are not a cure all.

                        I had a piece of metal get in my eye wearing prescription safety glasses and my hood, all because of a blast of compressed air next to me.
                        My Ophthalmologist said I was the worst eye case she had, luckily she saved my eye.

                        What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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                          I should have phrased my comments better, wasn't a slam at
                          you. As somebody else also pointed out, somebody working
                          as a welder in a US facility for a big company, should already
                          have enough sense ( and if not, the work rules ) to protect
                          themselves. Maybe it was one of those freak things that
                          happened to Ken that also posted in this thread,things
                          can happen.
                          If you are asking about your own safety, I really like the
                          tight fitting ( wrap around style ) safety glasses. I kinda need
                          perscription glasses to see really well up close, but even
                          with side shields they don't fit tight enough around my eyes
                          to keep everything out. If I'm using mig or stick I put a 1.5
                          correction in the helmet and wear safety glasses. Over the
                          years I've had a few burned/melted spots appear on them.
                          Doing small bench work with the tig I just wear the regular
                          perscription glasses. Usually the danger is greater when
                          cutting, grinding, or drilling, than the actual weld portion
                          of the job.
                          It's no fun getting junk dug out of your eyes.....been there
                          done that.
                          Sorry for earlier hasty post.
                          Dave P.


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                            eye safety

                            I have had times where sparks or spatter did enter my hood and bounce off of my safety glasses. the item below is on the airgas website and worked great for me when I needed just a bit more protection than the safety glasses. Alot of "safety" department people are only concerned about the company liability and may not agree that you need them. For a top notch company like CAT I dont think they would have a problem with them. Paying for them is just a couple of bucks if you have to, but make sure they are approved before you buy them. Being in a big company like that the sales guys will often bring samples to test. They do that alot because it can open up new sales for them. Whatever you do protect your eyes, in a pinch you can learn to weld with your other hand but try it without your eyes.


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                              now those were the kinda answers i was looking for.