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  • 350p

    Does anyone have one? I'm thinking about getting one with the XR gun. Any input would be good.
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    A truly wonderful machine! If you can afford one then I'd say go for it.


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      We have one at work, great machine,havn`t used the xr gun we have the roughneck on ours.


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        Yep got one!

        Got the 350 & XR gun. Very heavy duty, not much you can't do with this set-up! We don't use it often and break it out when the 252 is in jeopardy! The pulse weld feature as you know if you have ever used it is awesome and we find ourselves using it just for that on many projects!

        Great welder & gun combo you can't go wrong!
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          Invision 350?

          Anyone using the Invision 350MPa? How is that compare to the 350P?

          It's nice asking here before I call my LWS.
          MD Welding & Fabricating L.L.C.
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            don't know much about the invision, but the mm 350p is truly all the wire machine you'll ever need. i have used it with a 30 xr gun, but mostly it gets the bernard q-300. i have gotten the fan to turn on a couple of times and then it's only after using spray transfer for a while. not a big fan of the pulse feature, but that's just me. great machine.

            nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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              350 p

              I used the 350 p to teach welders in a lab and it was great. We also used a python gun for aluminum and it was smooth. I think the xr gun would be even better. Miller has dvd's on their stuff so get a hold of the liturature department up there and they can get you what you need. I saw the invision 350 MPa at the show in Chicago and got to use it. It is amazing how easy it is to get your settings right. For pulse welding you can set the average voltage now instead of worring about trim. So you set it up like a regular mig machine but then it pulses. It will be interesting to see if they can do something to beat this machine.