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  • Corner Rounder

    I have a company I do aluminum signs for that recently decided they want all future signs to have rounded corners.
    I have been rounding them with an electric shear to get by and it's getting a little old doing it that way.
    I bought the base of a 1 1/2" corner rounder. I didn't get
    the hand lever deal because I wanted to make it foot operated. So,
    I bought a porta power to operate it. Eventually I want to get an air over
    hydraulic pump but this will do for now.

    Got it all built & did a test fit on the table. (Put a new PVC top on the table too so it doesn't scratch the aluminum like the other tables do.

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    Tore it all apart & sent it off to the paint shop for a deluxe black rattle can paint job.

    All back together.

    Gave it a This will be much faster.


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      Nice job. Your paint shop looks like mine ...Bob
      Bob Wright

      Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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        Yea, my paint booth could use a mowing.


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          What's the capacity of this for aluminum and then mild steel? Thanks.


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            It's supposed to handle 1/8" aluminum. Not sure what ga. steel, I don't think I'll be using it for that.

            Made a catch can so I wouldn't have little corners layin' all over the shop floor. (and gettin' them stuck in my shoe.....and taking them in the house........and....... )


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              neat. could you link me to the exact model that you bought from that Lassco Company? Thanks. I'm very interested in getting one, I always wondered about a nice corner cutting like this. 1/8" aluminum is more than enough for me for what i need it for. Thanks a bunch.


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                This is it.


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                  I wanted to get this unit finished so I'd be ready for the next sign order. I got the idea of using a clutch master cylinder instead of the porta power pump. But, when I looked at the capacity it looked like that wasn't gonna' work. Then I found a master cylinder at the parts store (not sure what it fits. Ol' Chevy truck maybe?). I teed both lines together to get the flow I needed & built a frame & linkage out of some of the scrap in that 5 gal. bucket that I just knew I'd use some day. All that's left is to build a shroud for the pump assembly so I don't damage it throwin' stuff under the bench.


                  It's not fast, fast but it works and it's hands free.


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                    Nice job on the rounder. Could you tell me where to get the pvc sheeting?
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                      Thanks CrossJ. I get it from my sign supplier.