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    Are any of the hobart components/ replacement parts interchangable with millers?

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    sure, you can use a hobart helmet while welding with a miller machine, or vice versa. Depends on what machines your trying to swap parts for I guess
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      I would be willing to bet my next pay check they are.
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        Depends on the Miller/Hobart in question as well as which part.


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          Alot of the parts you order for a Hobart will be in a Miller bag...... as stated above it depends on the machine.....
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            I was under the impression that all of the welding companies were owned by the same parent company. Hence the possible interchangeability of some parts.

            Kinda like mazda and ford or hyundai and dodge. what else? chevy camaro disc/drum brakes same as 1500 highsierra....
            just a thought.
            Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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              I wish..

              I wish some of my parts were upgradeable/interchangeable. I'd be changing out a few real fast like! But seriously, I have heard that many HB parts can be used and vise versa. And as mentioned in this post, I'm sure it all depends on the model.

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