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Millermatic 180 with AutoSet

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  • Millermatic 180 with AutoSet

    I have been reading through this forum and hobarts forum... beating myself silly on what model to purchase HH187 or MM180. I like many others got their spouse involved to make the final decision. Like others wife have said "I like the Blue one, Blue is a pretty color". Since the moment I pushed the Buy It Now button, I changed my mind at least 100 times.

    Well to make a long story short... I saw the ups guy walk up with a Miller Box and all doubt was cleared and I was at peace with the final decision. I was like the little boy on christmas morning, couldnt get it hooked up fast enough. Then I realized, I didnt recieve the MM180 that was ordered....I received the New MM180 with AutoSet.

    Going back to the shop and putting this machine to the test.