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Miller 3080 Bad Bevel Cuts, eats up consumables

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  • Miller 3080 Bad Bevel Cuts, eats up consumables

    I’m having problems w/ a Miller 3080 plasma cutter,
    It eats up consumables in about 3’ of cutting ¼” plate
    The edges are extremely beveled 25*-30* typ.
    It seems under powered when cutting?

    The weird thing is it used to cut fine but always used tips up quickly.


    1. Miller 3080 set at 80A & 80psi.
    2. Supply pressure 140psi w/ 3 water separators
    & a Motorguard filter including the Miller filter.
    3. I’ve varied my cut speed down to 1in min. and adjusted
    the amperes.
    4. Currently using a 80A extended tip with cut height of 0.07” also have tried two other ones w/ no good results.

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    Do you have a good ground contact?

    Mill scale isn't a good conductor and should be ground off at the work clamp.
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      Yes, new ground clamp too.

      Found that drag tips last longer for some reason
      and give a slightly better cut.
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