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  • Ventilation

    I have been using a mig welder in my shop which has little ventilation, I was wondering if anyone has any inexpensive ideas that I could try to make some type of ventilation system?

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    I have a small "welding room" which is equiped for welding only. All other work happens in a outside car port. This helps with minimizing fumes and dust in the welding area which I try to keep as clean as possible.

    Regarding ventilation try to have cross draft in the room. In other words air entering at one side of the room and the exiting at the oppisite side. This will ensure that the bad stuff exits the work area. Try to utilise natural air flow if possible. This is cheap and faily effective. 2 Good sized windows should do the job as well as letting in some natural light.

    Welding does produce some nasty fumes which you should try and avoid breathing in.


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      I use a large squirrel cage blower mounted on the ceiling,ducted through the attic to outside.It moves alot of air and works very well.
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