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I hate straight lines in gates

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  • I hate straight lines in gates

    A client wanted a new gate and also an existing gate modified to contain their cat. It's a zero lot line home in a gated community and they want to be able to let the cat out without losing it.

    Their idea was a new gate just like the old one with expanded metal put on them so the cat couldn't get out. I explained to them that cats can climb expanded metal and suggested welding in extra pickets instead. They agreed.

    Here's a picture of the existing gate after I welded in the new pickets. ( I used pre-primed three quarter tubing from King since I wasn't going to have to powdercoat because their painter was going to paint the gates).
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    life is good

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    Here's the new gate.

    The client loves it.

    I had to explain that the only thing I hate more than the color black on an ornamental gate is straight lines in the gate.

    They're going to get with the painter and paint the gates something besides black, people got taste.
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    life is good


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      New gate looks great! Nice to see other metal guys not allow their clients to make horrible design mistakes.

      I also get my tubing from King. (dallas) Where you at ?

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        It's a great use of very small space -- you really couldn't put
        much in there, but the half-circles seem to just do the trick.

        Can't the cats get out by squeezing underneath?



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          Nice job on that.
          sigpicJim Young


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            nice gate

            That's a great looking gate. This is one case of a weldor being much more that just a 'joiner of metals' but a designer with an eye (and brain) for somthing more than just function. But......

            Why didn't they just put the stupid cat on a leash?


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              My cat wears a shock collar and gets zapped if he climbs the fence.

              The gate looks great. Especially the one you designed.
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