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    SignWave , safetydave, Big_Eddy ,AnotherDano

    Thanks for the ideas and offer of help. I hope to be starting this project soon. My biggest impediment at the moment is getting my lazy rear end out of this computer chair and getting to work.

    I am researching all the applicable building codes now and will get the local inspector to sign off on the project before I begin. After finishing a house this spring, I think this is how to start off. The house took me almost a year and an half and was by far my biggest Black and Decker project to date. If I hadn't gotten the 2003 International Residential Building Code on CD ROM I would probably still be working on it.

    I have a friend that was once one of my vendors. He owns a big metal company now. I think if I convince him what a worthwhile humanitarian project this is he would probably cut me a deal on the metal. Especially if I told him we could probably get a picture of the finished project in the local paper with his name and his contribution, maybe even his picture standing beside it. Well, I think he would go for that. That is just the kind of guy he is. I think some people call it a " good businessman. "
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