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Built a bumper with my Miller210

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    Like was asked, where do you plan on putting your plate? Also, for those Ford guys out there, of course you like them all, you're putting up with a Ford after all Just kidding!



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      Good looking piece of work. I live in the country, for my needs back up lights set in some stubby pipe protectors would be more advantageous.


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        nice job

        The bumber looks great! Looks like a very good job to me..that's something you can be proud of... It would have probably took me 2 days to do that *LOL* Nice work!
        Gone But Never Forgotten!


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          that bumper kicks ***
          "Why go around the mudhole when you can go through it"

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            Sorry for my late replies....

            Thanks everyone for your comments....

            The license plate is going to be put in the back window. I am in the process of making a tailgate tire carrier. It's going to be like one of those you see for 850, but I probably can do it for around 100 out of some 1 3/4" DOM.

            The thickness of the metal is 0.26" thick. It's heavy duty for the boulders that I climb over....


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              With over 900K miles on one 69 F250 on one rebuild at 473K hard miles, yes had Dodge, Chebbie also. The FE (Ford) motor will save your A$$ in the long run (built correctly) like Miller welding products. Have had others thru the years as a test, a Miller for life member now.
              The above vehicles are pre 70's without plastic and cup holders.



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                Nice job bumperman

                That is a great looking bumper but I do think u may have forgot about ur plate I built a wonderful bumper one time out of 2 -2" schedule 80 tubes slid through a pair of shaped plates to fit the truck with holes for the tubes. It looked awesome and was so simple.


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                  Very good job

                  But what about the licence plate
                  and to the tigman 250 that drives a LADA car if you made the same bumper for the front then the D rings would come in handy for a FORD to pull you out of a very shallow ditch
                  anyway on your bumper I think you did a good job better than most
                  that I have worked with. Grade - B