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  • Trying to understand intent

    I have purchased 2 migs, 135-180 , they come with a roll of wire, .024... Does anyone think that Miller is wanting the operator of these machines to us the .024 size of wire .....

    What would be the advantage? I can see it for sheet metal , body panels but how well would this 024 play if doing 1/4-5/16....?

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    It could be used with miltiple passes, but I would buy 30 or 35 for the heavier materials.

    Manufacturers cannot ship every size wire, tips, erc. that their machines use so they send what they think the coustomer will use. Maybe what is cheaper?


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      I am assuming (you know what they say about that ) that the wire that came with the machine is hard wire. In that case you would be hard pressed to run .035 wire on the 135, or at least that is what my experience has shown me. Either way, I would think that if you were welding anything in the 1/4" range or thicker with such small machines you would either use fluxcore or mutiple passes. Just my 2cents, I could be wrong, it has happened before
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