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Building a smoker

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  • Building a smoker

    I am fairly new to welding and I am wanting to build a smoker. Never have tackled this big of a project, but looking forward to it.

    I am not wanting anything real big, especially not on a trailer. I even thought about making a mount coming out of the receiver hitch on my truck to pin it in and out of.

    I'll take any advice or reading you may have.
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    Miller 180



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      Welcome to the site ohsobad_chevy,

      There is a few threads here about smokers, mostly large trailer rigs or small one slab smokers. Everything I have seen here have very excellent ideas involved, many of which could be scaled down and made work on a small patio size rig.

      Here is a link to another site that has hundreds of ideas of stuff others have built.

      From the smf site there is a calculator for figuring your openings for air inlet chamber opening per chamber size and such. I cant get the link to work but if you would like it, PM me and I can email it to you.

      My choice would be to build from 1/8" or less sheet, insulate it, and skin it with like sheet. There is a guy on SMF that built two very very nice cookers, not much over 2 feet square and about 3 feet tall. Sorry I don't have the link handy right now but I could probably dig it up if you are interested.

      If you click the link in my signature line it will take you to my Picasa account, I am sorry that I do not have my albums organized very well, but now that I have linked to them I cant move them. There is several folders if you scroll down. Take any idea you like, the only thing I would ask, is that you post pics of what you end up with.

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        Building a smoker


        Try these links and see if you like any of these smokers. click on "Cookers" click on "Equipment" and "Clone Builders List"

        Have a good week,



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          I don't know much about building smokers, but I do know there are formulas for determining your firebox size so the whole rig will work as it should. I don't have these formulas, but I'm sure someone on here does. Good luck and enjoy when you are finished.
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            Thanks for the help, fellas.

            If you remember those links I will gladly take them. I am looking for the all the info I can get and then some.

            Keep it coming.
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              start with a hot water heater
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