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Walnut and Metal table.

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  • Walnut and Metal table.

    I have had a slab of Walnut for a few years 2 1/2 in thick and after squaring it up it turned out 25 in long by 12 in wide. On it's own not worth much, so last week I had an idea of making a metal frame and making a small table out of it.
    I quite like it, so I thought some of you might get some ideas out of it. I have been a serious woodworker for many years and it is nice to be able to combine the two. I am currently making another one, larger and the joint's on this one are being done with silicone bronze, this will give a nice contrast when clear coated because the top for table is a 32 in by 12 in 2 in lump of rock maple.
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    im a big fan of black walnut. thats a really nice table that id hate to put anything on!


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      that's really sweet man. I always wanted to do some nice wood and incorporate that with some polished or brushed stainless tubing.


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        Very Good looking table!
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          Great job. Send us more pics of the next one.

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            Very cool.

            Another cool way to join woodwork and metalwork is to
            find discarded wood furniture and combine the good
            parts of it with metal work. I made a desk for my stepson
            that way -- we found a discarded dining room table, the
            legs were no good, but the top was decent. I built a metal
            base on which we put the top (after sanding/refinishing/etc)



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              Walnut looks good on anything. Nice table.


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                I also do woodworking and want you to know that I really like your table, very nice job.


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                  Looks awesome! Good work.
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