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Bogus member - how to report?

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  • Bogus member - how to report?

    I got a spam PM from a member this morning:

    Jeannette Jeannette is offline
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    Default Greeting
    I'm new here, how's it going?

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    I got the same thing a couple of days ago, didn't if bogus or not
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      Easiest thing to do is forward the pm to the admin., they will handle it from there. Dave
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        The li'l tart had me thinking I was special. Hah!


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          Yep I got the same PM. I imagine there were a heck of a lot of us on here that received the same message.


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            You guys aren't alone, I got one too.


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              Yup, got the pm too.


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                Was that a fake?

                Man, I got it too and went and sat on the porcelain Buddha!
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                  Yep I got it also.
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                    Now i feel bad, i didn't get one ...Bob
                    Bob Wright

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                      i guess they though i was beond help, i did not get one. waaaa no one wants to save me...

                      yep forward it to admin and they will get them bumped off the members list.
                      thanks for the help
                      hope i helped
                      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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                        Yep i got it too...


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                          Jeannette doesnt like me.....
                          I think jeanette hates me....
                          Im gonna go to the garden and eat worms...
                          Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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                            Originally posted by SignWave View Post
                            Jeannette doesnt like me.....
                            I think jeanette hates me....
                            Im gonna go to the garden and eat worms...
                            I haven't heard that since my Granny passed away ten years ago. How did it get from Kentucky all the way up north??
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                              Got mine. Guess I am special to.