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    Originally posted by SignWave View Post
    Jeannette doesnt like me.....
    I think jeanette hates me....
    Im gonna go to the garden and eat worms...[/QUOTE]

    I haven't heard that since my Granny passed away ten years ago. How did it get from Kentucky all the way up north??
    First I'll bite their heads off , then i'll suck the guts out... Im gonna go to the garden and eat worms!

    one of my ex G/F's sang it to me a few years ago. I thought it was funny and never forgot it. As for the international travel time... I have no idea how it got this far up...or is it the other way around and it ended up down there?

    interesting mystery!
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

    Miller 251/30A spool
    Spectrum 625
    Precix 5x10 CNC Router12"Z
    Standard modern lathe
    Cheap Chinese mill that does the trick... sort of...
    horizontal 7x12 bandsaw
    Roland XC540 PRO III
    54" laminator
    hammer and screwdriver (most used)
    little dog
    pooper scooper (2nd most used...)


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      Bogus Member!!!

      YEP I just checked mine and got one also, thanks for the update. I just deleted the thing and didn't open it.
      Syncrowave 250/Coolmate-3-(home)
      RMS-14 (kisser button)-(home)
      Craftmans/S-K tools-(home)
      Grizzly 16" vert band saw-(home)
      DeWalt chop saw-(home)
      Craftsman 4"-7" hand grinders
      Lincoln 225 arc welder
      Lots of vise clamps(not enough)
      assortment bar clamps


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        Outta here!

        Just thought I'd let you know that I banned her. I hope none of you grew too attached to her! An interesting new tactic I hadn't seen before?


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          You banned her...well how am I going to thank her for the kind message?


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            Ooooh....I am excited <jumping up and down> I got one too. Sheesh I was almost feeling left out.