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    Originally posted by Sammy View Post
    Thanks for the offer. I'll keep it in mind. Right now i am still trying to get rid of the rust from the rotten floorpans. Once it is gone and rewelded, i'll be putting the interior back in. Don't know whether to do it original or custom... again i'm having trouble deciding. Here is some pics of my car and what a customized one can look like. Also, when you reweld auto metal, is there requirements as to whether it needs to be a certain type such as a seam weld or spot weld. Right now i'm thinking in relation to the floorpan. I cut out certain sections of the floorpan (where it is rusted bad enough so i cant use that metal again) and am wondering if i can do a spot weld every inch or something similar. Maybe drill holes every inch in the overlapped 20guage and fill the hole through with a puddle of MIG???
    That's a nice looking car.


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      Originally posted by Bert View Post
      Dabar39 is the man who is most experienced at bodywork like you want. Send him a pm or post it up here on the forum like JonnyTIG suggested (in the Motorsports side of the forum)

      I tried to PM him but his inbox is full. Not sure how else to get a hold of dabar39??
      Any suggestions?