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True back yard project

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  • True back yard project

    I can't stand all those TV shows that say,"Today we're going to show you how to make the car of you dreams in your back yard" and then do it in a beautiful shop(i know they need the lights and everything but I'm on a rant here).

    Now I know that my car isn't real cool right now but I've got high hopes.
    I took some pics of my "backyard shop" and invite anyone to post pics of theirs.

    The car is a '79 Malibu Classic that i am putting air bags in the suspension for a start then go from there.

    Comments, ideas welcome.
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    My friend had a 80 malibu classic. He repainted it white and pulled the engine, rebuilt it with high performance stuff. It was a sweet car, and quick as well. He didn't replace the suspension or anything though. Does your car have a 305 or a 350 engine? I have a volvo p1800 and i'm gonna replace the interior. Maybe you wanna do that??? Just some ideas.


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      Originally posted by Cargoon View Post
      Comments, ideas welcome.
      Its not clear from the photos, but how well is that thing jacked up? Jack stands are dang cheap insurance, but you will need decent cribbing on that ground to support the jacks.

      Hate to see you with an injury! Safety first. --zip


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        You are the TRUE SHADE TREE MECHANIC!!

        Good luck with completing the project!


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          Originally posted by Kamikaze View Post
          You are the TRUE SHADE TREE MECHANIC!!

          Good luck with completing the project!
          And TARP Mechanic too!
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            My shop, or shops.. to parts

            these are pics of my shop... the thing under the blue tarp is my stick welder.. when in use the tarp becomes the roof....... my shop is a 2 section shop the first is the 8x16 back patio.. the secound is my shop storage slash natural shade. This is used if i am grinding or using another tool that i can run a 110 extention cord out there. Trying to save money to get a addioton added. A 16x16 shop with a 8foot overhang for the trailer.
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              here are the other pics
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                I will agree it is definitely a classic.


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                  My car was jacked up with a little 2 ton bottle jack I found and is sitting on 2' chucks of yellow cedar railway ties. Sounds scary but it is actually very sound. I just had a little girl (wife did most of the work) so I have another reason to NOT flatten my head but thanks for the concern, safety should be first.

                  Zip. I like your shop, lots of square footage for those big projects and the same fire suppression system I've got (hose) .

                  The thing that gets me is a half hour welding gig takes 1 hour with set up, tear down and clean up. Where I am I can't leave anything out that will fit in a shopping cart behind a bike.

                  Maybe it builds character.

                  Any security systems out there (homemade of course)?


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                    what about shocks????
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                      Originally posted by df5152 View Post
                      what about shocks????

                      Yeah, he could leave an extension cord with cracks in the insulation and wet the ground down every night.

                      That would be good for shocks.
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                        Security system
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                          Just finished front suspension

                          Just finished front suspension and it works good.

                          Nothing broke, nothing bent = Success

                          Now onto the rear.

                          No shocks yet but i still got welding to do and i am sure there will be more rain.

                          Security system is not needed yet (it still lookd like sh*t) but thanks.
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                            Originally posted by Jordan Welding View Post
                            Security system
                            Now that's my kind of security system!!!
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                            Colt the original point & click interface!

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