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  • Buffer/grinder plans

    Looking to build a pedestal buffing machine to polish my alum/stainless steel projects. I know harbor freight has a few buffing machines but everything they sell is garbage. Has anyone seen a nice set of plan to build you own machine? You can get a 3/4 hp motor pretty cheap now days. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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    I don't know of any written plans offhand. I saw a unit a gunsmith built once that was very nice. most buffers have the wheels mounted to the shafts extending from both ends of the motor. His unit had the motor mounted low on the pedestal and a belt driven arbor at work height. The arbor would hold up to 4 buffing wheels at one time. This was nice because he could stage different buff materials and compound grits without constantly changing out buffs. Personally I would use an arbor so I could get a little more working room around the buffs; There is nothing more frustrating than running into the shaft or motor when you are trying to get to that one tight spot! If you really want to get fancy put a stepped pulley on the motor and arbor so you can change speeds as well.
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