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Is there a conversion kit for this......

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  • Is there a conversion kit for this......

    I have a Miller Econo-Twin Arc welder, can I use it as the power source for wire welding? Is there such thing as a mig accessory that will attach to an arc welder for power?

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    The processes are different. Stick uses a Constant Current source, while MIG is a Constant Voltage source.

    You can get spoolguns, like a ReadyWelder, or expensive voltage-sensing portable wirefeeders but these are usually for flux-cored wires, and not the thin stuff that MIG is generally preferred for.

    I've never actually used a ReadyWelder spoolgun, so maybe do a search for more specific info on whether or not they are worth anything.


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      Both of my VS feeders are capable of running SMAW or FCAW and I was welding 20ga today with .035 NR 211 MP using one of them. You won't get as good a result with cc as with cv and it will take some getting used to. If you look around you can find them pretty reasonable. I gave 450 for my Hefty cc/cv and ln-25 together.
      Lincoln: Eagle 10,000, Weld-Pak HD, Weld-Pak 155, AC-225, LN-25 wirefeeder
      Miller: Syncrowave 250DX Tigrunner
      Westinghouse: 400+ amp AC
      ThermalArc Handy wirefeeder
      1 Harris, 3 Victor O/A rigs
      Arcair gouger
      Too many other power toys to list.

      Do it right, do it once. And in all things ya get what ya pay for.


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        Originally posted by Jolly Roger View Post
        Both of my VS feeders are capable of running SMAW ....
        I'm sure you meant GMAW.