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    I'm in the market for a mig welder. I have so far done most of my research on line and at local welding supply stores. I will be using this welder for mostly hobby work in my garage and i'd like to eventually work my way up to light fabrication or even making my own utility trailer and possibly selling a few if I can get good at it. I have wired my garage with 230 amp service for that reson. I'm seriously looking at the Millermatic 180 for the simple fact that I was told that If I wanted to weld up to 1/4 inch thick,I shouldn't go any smaller than that. Will this do the trick, can any of you give me additional advice before I make the $1000.00 purchase ? Thanks JC

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    If i was looking for a small 220v unit it would be a MM180...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Just over a year ago I was in the market for a mig. Not really knowing much about them, I kept looking at the 135 and the 180 at my LWS. After I started reading some welding forums I switched my choice to the MM210. That was probably the best decision I ever made. If you have 220v and want a GOOD welder with a duty cycle you won't likely blow, then get the MM212 which is the newer version of the 210. It comes on it's own cart. Will carry large bottles. Like I mentioned, longer duty cycle. Holds bigger rolls of wire. Will run a spool gun. To me it's a no brainer unless $$$ don't allow the $1400+ price. Go compare the 212 to the 180 and see what you think. I am sooo glad that I took the step up. If you plan on building trailers you will be happy you spent a few extra $$ too. As they say "trust me".


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        I agree with both!

        The 180 is awesome and like above in this category, this is the machine. However, and like mentioned above as well check and know your specs. The 210 will let you move into areas you would otherwise be limited to. Were it me, I'd wait a tad, save the DRM (Dough-Ray-Me) and get something you probably will never out grow.

        Good Luck

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