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holes/slots in table top and Miller Arcstation

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  • holes/slots in table top and Miller Arcstation

    Hi guys, just designing a new welding tabletop for myself. Not sure what to put in for holes/slots for clamps. I was thinking of getting those clamps that the Miller Arcstation uses.... does anyone have an arcstation and can tell me what the slot dimensions are? Or have any other ideas?

    Typically what size of slots and holes are people putting into their tops? For the base I was thinking of simply 2x2 square but about 2inches of overlap (to accomodate this, the slots in the picture won't be as close to the edge as shown)

    I attached a quick sketch.. its starting to look a bit busy. I'm not sure if I should get rid of the slots on the left completely or not.. any ideas? I'll be using this mostly for tig for smaller pieces like engine manifolds, bracketry, etc. There is almost always something I need to clamp down or hold in some fashion.

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    I have no holes/slots in mine and have been fine for 15 years. If you ever NEED a clamp in the middle just tack a half clamp (search hi lo clamp) to the table top.


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      strength n power made a nice top here is the link


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        The slot width on the Arcstation is a hair over 3/4". The width on the wide part of the slot, where you insert the clamp stud, is a hair over 1 1/4".


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          I had rough numbers before. Here are better numbers:

          slot width: 0.768"
          slot width at the wide part where you slide in the clamp: 1.266"
          length of wide part of the slot at the end: 1.5"
          total slot length (including wide part): 11.5"
          center distance across from one slot to the opposite one: 6.125"

          Also here are dimensions of the stud on the Miller clamp:
          Wide part that catches the slot: 1.133"
          skinny part that slide along the slot: 0.618"


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            awesome, thanks a bunch!