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portable bandsaw, which brand is best

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    Originally posted by Cajun Welder View Post
    vertical portable bandsaw stand, check it out

    A add on. Everyone needs to check this out on ebay. It is a VERTICAL BANDSAW STAND FOR MILWAUKEE SAW. Really neat. Who is going to be the first to build one.

    Here is the link:
    On this, has anyone tried it? - i have seen others and i have seen Milwaukee having their own stand to convert the portaband into a fixed horizontal band saw - my question: is there a stand that allows you to fix it as either vertical or horizontal? - or do you need 2 different stands?



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      actually....i just found one

      it has one, lousy review

      does anyone own this or have experience with it or first hand reviews?



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        SWAG Inds. has a great stand for the Milwaukee and I also like the Milwaukee the best and the case is a must have. My blade of choice is Lenox. Lu47Dan is right on with TPI and bi-metal. Good Luck


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          I have had a Milwaukee for a lot of years (15+)..... it has served me well

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            Thanks for the feedback - found a Milw. portaband on CL, brand new about 40% off of retail - so went with that

            as for a stand, I have looked at the SWAG...need to wait a bit until the mason jar fills up with more nickels and this habit is expensive!

            would still be interested in knowing if anyone has the EZ-CUT and if it is any good?
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