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Moving an Axle and Leaf springs on a trailer

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  • Moving an Axle and Leaf springs on a trailer


    I had got a small utility trailer that i got for free. it was a 4x6. I replaced the main beam and added 2 feet to the back of it. What i need to do now is move the axle back so that the geometry is correct. It is now looks like the axel is in the middel of the trailer. When i move it back i also want to replace teh leaf springs. I was wondering if any one knows the math when it comes to the approriate place to put an axle on a trailer. Also what would be the best way for me to install the new leaf spring brackets. Any help would be nice.


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    60% of the length of the trailer up front.
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      There's a couple of formulas, with the same results.

      Sonora's is the most common. Place the axle 40% from the rear (or 60% from the front.)

      Here's a quick method for calculating:

      Length of trailer box (minus tongue), multiply by .4 (40%) That is the centerline of the axle (or center of tandems). In your case, 38.4" from rear of trailer.

      Another method is: Mark the center of the trailer. Total length in inches, (96") reduced 10% (9.6") subtracted from the center line (48") = 38.4" It's the same, just what ever is easier for you to remember.
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        Weld the hangers on a length of flat bar that way you can slide the whole axle assembely under the trailer and slide it around where you want them. Just set the frame on the flat bar with the tires on and you can see where they need to be. Then weld on the flat bar. I did 500 trailers like that...Bob
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