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    how sharp dose it need to be


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      sharpen tungsten

      jje I have used both the belt & hard disk for sharpening my tungs and found that you get a better point with the beltsander because it's softer and you can have better control of your tungsten as to how much of a point you need for your work. just my thoughts on this and what works for me.
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        Originally posted by dabeldesign View Post
        Chuck it into a cordless drill and sharpen it on a belt sander. Works great!
        Thats what i do


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          Originally posted by Samurai Dave View Post
          In the event you are working with Thoriated electrodes (red band of color on the end), be aware they are mildly radioactive. Many welders like them because they work great. You could probably lick them all day long with your tounge and not suffer ill effects, but grind it into a fine dust (when you are sharpening it) and breathe it and you are asking for lung cancer.

          A welding instructor from a local high school recently died before his time, of lung cancer.

          I've been told the dust is so heavy that it will settle-out and you will never breathe it while grinding. Then why is there grinding dust on my respirator when I take it off? For me, I do NOT buy Thoriated electrodes. Lanthinated works fine for me. Costs a little more, but how much is our health worth?
          When I first bought my Tig I got my lath electrodes from sylvania I have never used a thoriated electrode and dont intend to ...Interesting tidbit although cerium is supposed to be radiation free, with ceriated electrodes I read in a online encyclopedia that most commercialy mined cerium has traces of thorium in it because the metals occur naturally in proximity to each other you dont here that info from the manufacturers. it make me wonder about the safety also of ceriated Mike


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            Originally posted by JJE View Post
            how sharp dose it need to be
            Sharp enough when it is pressed to your skin, it hurts but does not puncture, kinda like a pencil point.

            What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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              how sharp

              The whole point to sharpening your tungsten is to reduce the cross section of the electrode. once the electrode becomes "saturated" with current the current will leave the electrode and be come the arc (Think of pinching or reducing the diameter of a hose). The arc transfers from the cross section of the electrode or the diameter. For how much to grind back I will refer you to the AWS welding handbook volume 2 8th edition page 82 where they graphically show the difference in the arc from a change in grind angle. When you do grind the finish should be as smooth as possible and ground back evenly all the way around. This will give you the best control and keep the arc coming from the point of the electrode and not the side.


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                This is what this sight is about. This is relevent info. All of the answers are good. Heck I learned something (as I always should, If I listen).
                Thanks to all.