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  • sharping tungen

    I have a tig and I do not know how to use it but first thing is to sharpen the tungen. That is on mild steel, so now I would like to know if it is better to sharpen it on a grinder or on a belt sander. I am not doing a lot so I did not see the sense in buying a tungen sharper. I am just playing around with the tig. So all the help that I can get is good.

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    Rather than post an answer to this, let me suggest that you go up to the top bar, search, and type tungsten sharpening in the box. You will find a large number of threads with a wealth of information to wade through.


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      well my buddy at work sharpens his on a wheel grinder, and hes been doing it that way for about 6 years so however you want to do it i guess


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        I have been using an angle grinder to sharpen tungsten for over 35 years and I use the same wheel if I am welding stainless, carbon steel or anything else without any cross contamination.

        Hope this helps


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          Thoriated electrodes - warning

          In the event you are working with Thoriated electrodes (red band of color on the end), be aware they are mildly radioactive. Many welders like them because they work great. You could probably lick them all day long with your tounge and not suffer ill effects, but grind it into a fine dust (when you are sharpening it) and breathe it and you are asking for lung cancer.

          A welding instructor from a local high school recently died before his time, of lung cancer.

          I've been told the dust is so heavy that it will settle-out and you will never breathe it while grinding. Then why is there grinding dust on my respirator when I take it off? For me, I do NOT buy Thoriated electrodes. Lanthinated works fine for me. Costs a little more, but how much is our health worth?
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            sharping tungsten

            thinks for the info. I just want to get all info that I can


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              I sharpen mine on the belt sander, seems to work better then the grinder, more control.


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                I've switched to all Lanth except in .040 (can't find it). I grind with a diamond shaping wheel off E-bay, ($45). Look under "lapidary materials" I think. I love it. It produces a good clean tip and a great arc.
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                  I have used a belt sander and a grinding wheel. Both work fine. I usually sharpen to 1 1/2 times the diameter or so.


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                    Chuck it into a cordless drill and sharpen it on a belt sander. Works great!


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                      I forgot to ask how sharp does it need to be. I am going to use the drill and belt sander.


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                        sharpen it to a fine point 1 1/2 time the diameter
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                          how sharp dose it need to be for mild stell


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                            Sharping tungen......Not a clue!
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                              If I remember correctly from the little bit of tigging I was taught. Sharpen it to look like a ball point pen cartridge and for aluminum, it should look similiar to a Q tip.

                              What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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